Here’s how to upgrade Oppo S39 MP4.


  1. ROM: last version avaiable at the moment I’m writing is the 10.b08 (filename S39_10.b08.img)
  2. Software: RK28Upgrade (only Windows…)
  3. Do a backup of all the stuff inside the S39: from rom to 10 you’ll lose the data

S39 Software


  1. Launch RK28Upgrade as administrator
  2. Connect Oppo to an USB port
  3. Load the rom using button “1”
  4. Click on the Switch button (“2”)
  5. Now Oppo will restart: you have to wait for Windows to ask for the proper driver. Please select the one placed inside the folder “Driver” in the RK28Upgrade directory
  6. When the device is again connected (lower left corner of the software) click on the button Update (“3”)
  7. Wait several minutes, at the end a prompt will ask to format the unit: you must push “YES” or “OK” button.
  8. End: now your S39 is up to date.
  9. One last step: if you wanna change language disconnect the s39 and go to the settings icon and tap on the last “Tab” (or button) and then click on the first voice. Et voilà.