Today we talk about Discover Media (> 2017) from Volkswagen, a nice and performing infotainment unit.

Here is the guide, or rather, the steps to update it.

Unlike simple map updating, which can be performed simply by updating the map on the SD card (using the Volkswgen software or extracting the zip in the visible partition of the card); the sw update is slightly different.


  1. A VW car with Discover Media starting in 2017 (MIB II)
  2. An USB drive (possibly FAT32)
  3. The car battery is charged (or keep the engine running)

The following steps are those shown on the Volkswagen website so nothing of the following is “my own” but I report it here because many people I spoke to were unaware of this.

First of all it is useful to connect to the Volkswagen website (the German one, because in Italy or in other countries the link is not present) and scroll to the “Radio Station Data” item and download the file by pressing the “Download database” button.

If you got errors or problem using the previous link use instead this one.

The steps are therefore very simple:

  1. Extract the ZIP file inside the root (main folder) of the USB stick ;
  2. Insert the flash drive into the car’s USB slot and turn on the radio;
  3. Automatically the update will be detected and the user will be asked to upgrade, otherwise:
    A. Go to the Settings item;
    B. Select System Information;
    C. Wait for the Update software (Image) item to be selected and press the button.Update Software
  4. The USB key is read and, if a newer version of the SW is found, you are asked whether to proceed with the update. It may also happen that the update is found only for the images of the broadcasters, in which case it is asked whether to update only part of the database;
  5. The update will start, do not turn off the radio;
  6. At the end of the update you will be asked to restart, proceed with the restart;

  7. THE END? … quite:

Once restarted, it may be necessary to update the radio logos (see them without logo), to do this:

Move to the radio favourites screen, select the first one and immediately press the button as to save (overwrite) the station again, repeat this for all the saved radios.

It also applies to radios that are not in reception range as long as you are quick to select the radio and immediately overwrite it.

REMEMBER: Always refer to Volkswagen Website and your Dealer!!!