This guide is simply to help all those who would engage in the adventure of installing after market, in their Opel Corsa D, the Cruise Control.
This device is wellcome when on highway and, why not, also on long and low-speed-limited country roads.


If your Corsa D has a Diesel engine or is ESP equipped you have high chances to have a prepared model.

However check if the steering column is wire connected to BCM with the appropiate wires:

Rotate the steering wheel 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise and then remove the 2 caps over the screws (right and left side), then with a torx T20 remove the screws. Remove the plastic cover. The connector which we have to control is connected to the stalk of the turning signal.

So: the connector is on the rear of the turning signal stalk. Watch if there is it (it has a 2 pin connector) and if there are wires connected to.
If there are not so it is more difficult but not impossible: ask here if you want to have more informations.

What you need:

  1. Corsa D with Diesel Engine or ESP equipped model
  2. Tech 2 (in Opel extremely available and competent people I met, ask them), or op-com
  3. Torx T20
  4. Cruise Control Stalk (GM 13191079)


  1. Turn off the dash.
  2. After removing the plastic cover of the steering wheel (see above), use a thin screwdriver to unlock the stalk moving it in the slot. Do not pull hard, if you can’t move it so probably you should check better with the screwdriver.
  3. Place the new stalk sliding it inside an push until you hear a click. Connect the wires to the connector placed behind.
  4. With the ignition off, plug in Tech 2 and turn the ignition on.
  5. Program with the Tech2 EHU as follows :
    1. Engine ECU -> Diagnostics -> Variant Configuration -> Cruise Control “Present”
    2. Confirm
    3. Program
  6. Program with the Tech2 Body as follows
    1. Body -> Ipc/ECU -> Programming -> Variant Configuration -> “Use here your security code” -> Cruise Control Present
    2. Confirm
    3. Program
    4. Check if it is selected your country (it is needed to set the cruise in kmh or mph)
  7. Program with the Tech2 Body as follows
    1. Body ->BCM -> Programming -> “Use here your security code” -> Cruise Control Present
    2. Confirm
    3. Program
  8. Exit to main menu and then turn off the dash.
  9. Disconnect the Tech 2
  10. Place back the plastic cover of the steering wheel screwing the screws back (remember the caps 😉 )


When you’re done you can check if the Cruise Contol fully works, but remember this:

  1. In order to acrivate the Cruise Ccontrol you must press at least one time the brake pedal when engine on.
  2. To deactivate it you can:
    1. Press the brake pedal
    2. Press the clutch pedal
    3. Press the putton on the stalk
  3. To activate it you have to:
    1. Rotate up thes talk to assign current velocity
    2. Rotate down to assign the previous stored velocity
  4. To change cruise speed rotate up-down the stalk

Warning: Do not consider me responsible for damages that may occur during and after the procedure or to persons or to property. It ‘s all at your own risk. It is suggested to do everything a professional staff. The modifications to the vehicle voids any warranty.