This guide is simply to help all those who would engage in the adventure of installing after market, in their Opel Corsa D, CDC40 replacing the radio car stereo as standard CD30/CD30 mp3.
The CDC40, as well as having some additional functions, has a better sound output even without changing the original speakers. Obviously if you have the best speakers is even better!
If your stroke has the steering wheel, the car stereo (any version) and the large display (GID or CID) then you can continue to read, because your Corsa is ready to receive its new options.

What you need:
Blaupunkt Car CDC40
Tech 2 (in Opel extremely available and competent people I met, ask them), or op-com
Accessories for the extraction of the car

There are two alternatives, if you choose to go your Opel/Vauxhall dealer for operations you have to go twice (or stay to them: p) or else you can do by yourself. The points in question are those of the programming with Tech2. Items marked * are only valid if you have the optional equipment.

  1. Turn off the dash.
  2. Connect Tech2/Op-com.
  3. Turn the ignition on.
  4. Disable, using Tech2, the protection (anti-theft) on:
    1. GID / CID
    2. UHP*
    3. EHU
  5. Turn off the dash and disconnect Tech2.
  6. Remove the CD30 / CD30 mp3 using the appropriate accessories. You will need to disconnect the antenna wire and the connector big loosening the locking device that engages in the lower part of the connector.
  7. Replace the original antenna with the appropriate terminal for receiving digital signals *:
    1. Unscrew the existing antenna
    2. Disconnect the sky (just ask for details)
    3. Unscrew the nut holding the antenna base
    4. To avoid replacing the entire cable I suggest you remove it from the antenna and then connect the old to the new
    5. Follow the above steps in reverse to install the new antenna
  8. Connect to your CDC40 connecting the connector and the antenna wire.
  9. Enter the CDC40 in his quarters, making sure that the connector wire remains free.
  10. Turn the ignition on.
  11. The CDC40 will turn on and begin to “bip”, the display will alternate “Display SAFE”, “Radio SAFE” and “UHP SAFE*”.
  12. Program with the Tech2 EHU as follows (for * if you do not have the equipment set to “Not Present”):
    1. GID Present
    2. UHP Present *
    3. ECC Present *
    4. DAB Present *
    5. EHU Present
  13. Program with the Tech2:
    EHU -> Code Index -> 001_02
  14. Enable the protection (anti-theft) of:
    1. GID / CID
    2. UHP *
    3. EHU
  15. The radio will reboot and the screen will show “headunit protection”.
  16. Press and hold the Eject button on the CD until you hear a ratcheting noise. This step serves to unlock the transport lock.

At this point you can use your new radio.
The detail settings are customizable and can be easily found online or by asking those who sold you the car radio.
Here is a sequence of photos showing some screens (you can just update it with pictures in detail later)




Schermata CD Charger

Warning: Do not consider me responsible for damages that may occur during and after the procedure or to persons or to property. It ‘s all at your own risk. It is suggested to do everything a professional staff. The modifications to the vehicle voids any warranty.