Nowadays everyone uses home network but not everyone has control of what’s going on on the net.

It is for this reason that a new type of devices have been introduced on the market.

One of these is Fingbox. Fing already existed as an application but developers have decided to go further and make a device that, connected to the router, is able to continuously monitor the entire network. If we add that it is anticipated, as announced on the page, to release an IFTTT plugin then things are really interesting.

I do not dwell on the details (found on Fingbox) but the features basically are:

  • Intrusion block and new device alert
  • Analyze which network device hogs more bandwidth
  • Parental control and blocking of selected devices
  • Wi-Fi coverage analysis
  • and many other things

I just got the package and so … here’s the unpacking!

The set, as you can see, consists of the main unit, the power unit (with the adapters), and the network cable.

The object is very well finished, the rubber (blue) protection is then something extra that adds a touch of character.

The setup was fast: just connect it to the router, power it up and wait. As soon as the lights are green connect with the app and follow simple setup steps.

From this moment you will be able to keep the network under control even remotely.

Here is an example of a screen from which you can understand the ease of use.